God Is Dead

by Lui-V

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Debut album from Lui-V.
Like nothing you've ever heard before.
The past is the future.


released October 14, 2013

All songs written by: Lui-V (except "The Jungle", co-written by Jyln Jml)
All songs produced by: Lui-V
All songs engineered by: Lui-V
Mastered by: Chris Jaiden at Laughing Dove Studios
Additional guitar by: Cody Sparti



all rights reserved


Lui-V Los Angeles, California

Lui-V is the rap Avant Garde, God MC from the San Fernando Valley, L.A.

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Track Name: I Feel Dead
[Verse 1]:
You see my homie almost died in an accident
That'll teach him "slow it down" like he off some activus
Crenshaw Blvd. we got them Trayvon Martin activists
Everyday we dying, and home is where them caskets is
Rich and poor, black and white, we're all the same
We're all headed to the motherfucking grave
My momma taught me how to pray, told me I'd be saved
Lord forgive me, though, 'cause I've fallen from grace
As I look in the face of death it makes me so nervous
Scared that the show will be over, they'll pull the curtains
Relentless working, I'm like a servant
Give up my whole life for that Lamborghini purchase
I hustle hard, it's only worth it in the now
'Cause I won't be able to keep it when I'm six feet underground
And it's making me sound, a little hypocritical
I'm my biggest critic 'cause every moment's critical
When you want the gold watch, everyday you race the clock
Motherfucker I be grinding, until my heart stop
'Till my body drop, in the tomb I'll count guap
Anyday can be your last when you're living on this rock

[Verse 2]:
On my mind, is the hanging presence of mortality
Walking casually, I'm a living casualty
I explained my thoughts to the teachers and the faculty
They thought I was fucking crazy that I've reached insanity
But I could only live if I learn how to die
The fact that it ends, makes me appreciate life
I try to tell my friends to go hard, while they're still alive
But they're content to sit back and watch it pass by
When I was an infant I met the devil in my dreams
I met God in another but I still don't believe
I find myself not believing in anything any longer
I used to pray for strength, it was me that made me stronger
As the sunsets on my horizon
I see life as beautiful as a diamond
On my ascent to glory, I'm still rising
When I play my piano, it sounds like angels crying
Crying, I'm a fallen angel
A small piece of the puzzle, trying to make it major
When I think of my untimely demise
It's not so untimely 'cause everything has its time
Track Name: Black Sabbath
[Verse 1]:
Uh, let's take it back to the Genesis
It turns out even God needs a nemesis
You need the ugly to give the beauty emphasis
The morning star is both holy and devilish
Where did it come from? From roaming the Earth
Walking back and forth, my feet were washed by the dirt
One man's blessing is another man's curse
And we're married to the evil for better or worse
The blasphemous masochist is the one that spoke to Catholics
Came in the flesh, to give the word to the Evangelists
'Till I'm put in the ground, where them fucking maggots is
Know I have no rival, no equal or antagonist
There's ice in my crown, in my crown of thorns
Foretold in them books that an heir would be born
Six Hail Mary's then it's "Hail Lui-V"
The king of all kings the supreme MC, Black Sabbath

[Verse 2]:
God MC, I got 12 disciples
When I die, they'll write the Bible, they prophesized my arrival
Thou shalt not worship any false idols
I murder shit, and my competition's suicidal
It's written like a chapter, taking rapper's to the rapture
Motherfuck Jesus the bastard, middle finger to the pastor
I'm living with no morals, that in turn make me immortal
And I'm laughing at you all (hahaha) you're only mortals
I'm a beast call me Leviathan, I'm higher than my enemies
'Till they snipe me like John Kennedy
The highest entity, there's only of me
So fuck a trinity, I'll live for an eternity
I wanna watch the world burn, fire to the whole Earth
Motherfucking world turns, praying for my return
The messiah, set the world on fire
I've never been a liar, I'm the leader of the choir
Track Name: As I Will
[Verse 1]:
You are not witnessing the mind of a mastermind
It's intertwined with that of Jesus Christ I'm so divine
(I heard through the vine, Lui-V you wanna shine
So find your soul, and give up your mind)

Give up your mind
Give up your mind
Give up you're mine
As I Will

[Verse 2]:
These motherfuckers try to gas me like chlorine
I'm so ill, you should set up a quarantine
I got that morphene, Lui-V the 14th
My beats are fucking filthy, but my flow clean
My flow clean, you could eat up off that motherfucker
Gotta cash out to get a beat up off that motherfucker
Killing it, watch them bodies fall like October
We moving all covert, 'till we strike like a cobra
Man it's horrible, it's a damn shame
Remember all caps when you spell my damn name
I say damn, but I'm feeling so blessed
I'm in the perfect position to take your last breath
Rest in peace to the game, I put it in a casket
I knock it out like Cassius, point you to where the trash is
You couldn't see my vision if you were Versace glasses
Told them this crack, now the feds think I traffic

As I Will x3

[Verse 3]:
I think you have no idea who you be dealing with
I ain't like you, I ain't got sentiments
I've never been like you, I'm from a different race
I'm at the finish line before you even get laced
You can't keep pace, you're barely slipping your Nike's
You must be smoking freebase if you say
That I ain't the illest, man where the fuck they found me?
In a long lost book of Aleister Crowley
Track Name: American Terrorism
[Verse 1]:
This ain't a conscious rap, this is some real shit
This goes out to them soldiers with no conscience that kill kids
Yeah they kill kids, they teach them to kill kids
They must've gone crazy, they developed an illness
The sun never sets in the American empire
Even if it does, the world is lit by fire
Ran by liars, run they lies right by us
Our media is biased, won't show the children that's dying

This American Terrorism

This American Terrorism
This American Terrorism
This American Terrorism
This American Terrorism
This American Terrorism

[Verse 2]:
This American terrorism
Terrorized by religion, silence our criticism
Lock us up in them prisons, keep us all in the system
Turn us to animals, watch us when we're pissing
Culture, uh uh, of violence, take a moment of silence
For those that can't pay back they consignment
They gon get they legs cl-clapped, they stuck up in the trap
What goes around, comes around, bring it right back
Murders abroad and homicides at home
New breed of terrorism, this one is homegrown
Turn on your television what do you see?
You see the blood on the streets, but not the crooked police
Get gunned down in a theater, get gunned down in a classroom
We the greatest jihadists, we pack heat like it's June
We come through in your home in helicopters with choppers
Motherfuck your laws, only bullets can stop us

This American Terrorism
This American Terrorism

American Terrorism
American Terrorism
American Terrorism
American Terrorism

[Verse 3]:
When you think you're safe is when you're really endangered
We got a knack for turning strangers to angels
So just watch your back cause it could be you next
Be at Virginia Tech, when they start waving them techs
Or it could be you, the one that's planting them bombs
Blowing up airplanes and marathons
It's a cycle of violence, it goes on and on
It won't stop 'till we're dead and gone
Track Name: The Jungle (feat. JYLN JML)
[Verse 1, Lui-V]:
Step foot in the jungle, be ready the rumble
Them hungry killers up on the street will turn your ass to gumbo
Them same killers be cut-throat, pants sagging, their guns show
They got guns like a gun show or like police at your front door
Living by that g code, only stop to reload
They stick that pistol up in your mouth, make you give it that deep throat
Scary dudes want heroes, take a visit to a cathedral
Jesus Christ he got the keys, on the streets, they got kilos
Jails packed and the peel caps, shit's real, these real facts
Don't fuck with them, they got steel, these dudes trill, they will clap
Ain't from the jungle? Don't step foot, chicken dudes they get cooked
They'll take your money, they'll take your life, these hood dudes be straight crooks

Welcome to the jungle, where everybody rumble
Why? (why?) 'cause we're living in the jungle
Welcome to the jungle, where everybody rumble
They'll stomp you if you stumble, 'cause we're living in the jungle

[Verse 2, JYLN JML]:
Life's a fucking acid trip, automatic on their hip
Hit him then he split, fuck an actor, flip the script
And my nigga was a crip, and my other piru
So he told me "leave him or I'll put five inside you"
But then the cops caught them both nigga, I ain't visiting
Hope prison give him wisdom, I spit it they really living it
My vision was militant, my journey was Iliad
My country is segregated, poor and rich immigrants
Get gold or get got, shoot balls or strip cars
Pac-town resident, big houses get ripped off
Jaylen you shit? Naw I'm just talking real track
Get with it or get lost, bitch niggas get pissed on

Welcome to the jungle, where everybody rumble
Why? (why?) 'cause we're living in the jungle
Welcome to the jungle, where everybody rumble
They'll stomp you if you stumble, 'cause we're living in the jungle

[Verse 3 JYLN JML & Lui-V]:
This the jungle, all my niggas rumble
Tripping off that shit again, trying not to stumble
No matter what the shit I peddle, I won't give you one dose

Billy baddasses and he never want to classes
You fuck boys better not roll up, if you're riding strapless
Madness, how I could never stay up during masses
The one that stays alive is the one that draws the fastest
Rolling with a crew, hope you live 'till 22
If you red and he blue, they gon do what they gon do
If you wear the wrong hue, you gon end up on the news
Most my people end up dead or in them county blues